Nov 27
Anita Marsden
Kindness for mums
27 Nov, 2016. 0 Comments. Guest Talk. Posted By: Anita Marsden
A wonderful guest talk by a team of psychologists from Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, researching kindness for mums. They invite you to get involved and learn how to give yourself more kindness!   While many mothers give kindness freely to friends and families it is not so common for them to stop and notice whether they need a little kindness and care too. Motherhood brings with it so many challenges; from chronic sleep deprivation and feeding worries of the early days to relationship issues, other people’s opinions and a range of emotions. Despite having to take so much on…
Nov 7
Anita Marsden
Attitude of Gratitude
7 Nov, 2015. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Anita Marsden
Following on from Helen's great talk on type two fun, I wanted to write a little more about positive emotion and developing an attitude of gratitude, making sure we are grateful for the people and moments in our everyday lives.   You see I often hear friends talking about how things will be better or settle down when they change their job, find a partner, have children, or when their babies start weening or sleeping, or their toddler no longer throws tantrums or goes to school, or when they don't have teenagers to deal with! I have to catch myself…
Oct 18
Anita Marsden
18 Oct, 2014. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Anita Marsden
There’s an explosion outside my window. At this time of year fireworks go off all the time where I live. It’s only October 17th, but bonfire season seems to start in September for us. You get used to the sudden loud bang out of nowhere in the middle of a quiet evening. When I hear a bang outside, my brain immediately labels it as a benign thing. But that isn’t the feeling of many people that live in different parts of the world. In a Johannesburg township, inner city Detroit, a Palestinian refugee camp or a Pakistani village that bang…