Apr 20
Helen Penny
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A guest talk from a lovely mummy called Jess on her experience of looking for work while on maternity leave...   Going “forward” to work: My observations from job hunting while on maternity leave My last job contract ended as my maternity leave kicked in and – 11 months later – I’m still not really sure what I’m going to do next. Since becoming a mum, I haven’t had many moments of introspection or time to think about me. So when I was given the unexpected gift of 6 months of pro bono coaching I was both excited and apprehensive…
Dec 17
Helen Penny
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A guest talk by Jemma, a wonderful Welsh mummy living in England, on when the 20 week scan reveals something unexpected...   The 20 week scan, the second milestone scan during pregnancy. In the UK it is most commonly regarded as the day you can find out the sex of your baby, usually only the second time you get to see your baby since the moment you found out you were pregnant. Excitement overwhelms you, another opportunity to marvel at the miracle that is pregnancy, see little arms, legs, toes. A truly exciting moment in your pregnancy journey. I wasn't…
Nov 20
Helen Penny
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In our first #LongRead Lara, a lovely Dutch mummy living in Uruguay, gives a cross-cultural perspective on raising happy children. Grab yourself a cuppa, or a little glass of wine, and enjoy xxx   The Dutch secret revealed: Why do they have the happiest kids? Being happy. Isn’t that the wish we all have for our children? I realized this, more than ever, when I emigrated in 2014 from Holland to Uruguay, with my husband and two young kids. While I was packing my bags, Dutch media channels cheered that ‘we’ have the happiest children of the world. This was…
Oct 24
Helen Penny
#NannyShare #GuestTalk
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A Guest Talk on nanny sharing from Rachel Carrell, a Kiwi mummy in London and founder of Koru Kids.   A new report out from the OECD last week found that parents in the UK spend vastly more on childcare than in other developed countries – up to a third of our income, that being just under £16,000. Does that surprise you? It doesn’t surprise me at all. Where I live in London, the cheapest option for full time care costs a whopping £20,000. And that’s for one child. If you’ve got two, you’re going to double it. Then, if…
Feb 17
Helen Penny
#Juniordoctors #GuestTalk
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Amy, a British GP and mother of 3, sent us this insightful guest talk on how the new junior doctors contract imposed by Jeremy Hunt MP disproportionately discriminates against mothers.     "when you look at the finer details of the new contract  it is clear that this government doesn't feel medicine is a place for mothers."   This week Jeremy Hunt imposed a new contract on the junior doctors of England. Thankfully my junior years are far behind me but they are not forgotten! For me it was only 4 years with a further 2 based in the slightly…
Feb 4
Helen Penny
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  I had a baby, I blinked, and now he is 1. How did that happen? Having children seems to speed up the passage of time in a way that I didn’t experience before. My days, weeks, and months are completely occupied by a thousand little tasks needed to help my little ones muddle through their worlds. Days and nights blur into one. It takes months to respond to friendly emails and I’m surprised when I realise that I haven’t spoken to people I really like for over a year. My time is gobbled up into the parenting vortex. Some…
Jan 1
Helen Penny
Happy New Year Mothers!
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Happy New Year you wonderful people. Of course your perspective on the new year will be coloured dramatically by your life experiences in 2015 and by the promises of 2016. For some the new year will be a welcome change and closing the door on a tough year will come as a relief. For others maybe the thought of a year untouched by a departed loved one might fill you with dread. For many mothers 2016 will bring loads of firsts, first pregnancies and labours, first cuddles and smiles with your babies, first foods, steps, and tantrums, first day at…
Oct 29
Helen Penny
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My usually very mild-mannered 2-year-old pulled my trousers down in front of a stranger, literally. I’ve lost weight and haven’t updated my wardrobe, which consists of mostly post-5-years-of-preganancy-and-new-mum attire, so most of my clothes are ill-fitting (mental note to self, must get my act together and then write a talk about getting one’s act together – watch Gok Wan for inspiration). On a good day I would have immediately found this hilarious, but that was not a good day. The heady mix of sleepless nights, unusually tricky pre-schooler and toddler tag-teaming, the realisation that my ill-fitting clothes were an indication…
Sep 4
Helen Penny
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  Imagine that you are on a cruise ship with your 1, 2, or 3 little babies and the boat capsizes. What would you do? How would you cope? How would you keep your babies afloat. What help would you expect? Life rafts? Warm blankets? A bed for the night? If you were a British citizen then that is the very least you would expect. Now imagine that instead of a cruise ship you are on an old fishing boat, and you are not British, you are Syrian. How desperate would you need to be to cram your children into…
Jun 19
Helen Penny
#Babyhumour #babylovesscience
19 Jun, 2015. 0 Comments. Guest Talk. Posted By: Helen Penny
Fascinating guest talk by Dr Elena Hoicka, an expert on humour in babies and toddlers. Find out how to make your little one laugh and how you can help their sense of humour flourish!   "Humour is a crucial part of life which allows us to bond with friends, cope with stress, and think in creative ways. However, until recently, there was little research about how humour develops in the first place. New research is showing that humour develops very early on. Babies start to laugh as early as 3 or 4 months, but all babies are different. When your…