Information for Guest Contributors 2015



Thank you so much for considering submitting a post for 101mothers! We value diversity and welcome contributions from mothers and professionals around the word! Here is some important information for you to consider before submitting your post.



Who runs 101mothers?

101mothers was founded by Dr Helen Penny and Dr Anita Marsden. We are UK registered Clinical Psychologists, governed by professional standards and registered with the UK Data Commission. Despite being interested in international experiences of motherhood we have decided to base 101mothers in the UK because that is where we are registered professionally and because English law protects us and our members and contributors.


What should posts look like?

We are very open about the type of posts we receive. Question and Answer pieces, diary pieces, stories, articles, videos, poems are all welcome. In our experience posts of between 500 and 700 words are best (we usually will not publish posts that are longer than 800 words unless they are blinking fantastic!). Personal accounts go down very well but please think carefully about whether you want to share personal information – usually we recommend that this is done anonymously.


Do 101mothers edit or proof read posts?

We can if you would like, but usually we try not to because we want to maintain our guest contributor’s voice. If we think that a post contains information which is potentially harmful then we will discuss this with the guest contributor. If a story has been submitted anonymously and it has typos then we will edit these to ensure the readability of the post. We will never deliberately edit the content of a post so as to alter the intended message of the contributor.


What information about the guest contributor will be included?

If you are writing as a mother we would like to include your country of residence or origin. Other than that, we can either post anonymously (we will give you a fake name, you can choose it if you like) or use your first name, or your full name, we might also include a photo of you of your choice. It is up to you.


If you are writing as a professional we would like to use your title and name, and country of registration or work. We might also use a photo that you provide if you would like.


How many people will read the post?

It is almost impossible for us to predict how many people will see your post. We have around 130 followers and a typical original post from us has a “reach” of 1000 – 14000 people on facebook. We typically have a 10% “engagement rate” which means that of the people who open our link around 10% will like, share, comment or click on an embedded link. However, it is always possible that a post can go viral, which means that it is shared by a large number of readers.


Do guest contributors get paid?

At present 101mothers does not generate any income because we have chosen not to advertise on our website, as such we cannot pay contributors.


Who “owns” guest posts and can guests publish elsewhere?

Technically once a post has been submitted to 101mothers then 101mothers owns the copyright to that material. That is usually the case with all websites, blogs, and publishers. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you would like to publish your post elsewhere then we would love it if you could forward the link from or mention us in some way. This will increase traffic through our site which is good for us.


However, we recognise the hard work that contributors put into their pieces and so we are happy for you to use your own, original, unedited post again without crediting us if you like. Please don’t send us posts that you have already published elsewhere and it is probably best not to submit posts that you’ve published on 101mothers to others (without first telling them about 101mothers) because most publishers only want original content.


Can guests promote organisations?

Yes, but only non-profits, charities, educational, or voluntary organisations. Occasionally we will make an exception for another type of organisation if we feel that they are advancing the rights of mothers. It is at our discretion whether we will promote your organisation so please make sure in advance of submitting a post. We are very keen to support mum bloggers, and build a network of blogger friends, so you are welcome to promote your own blog.


How do 101mothers protect privacy?

We take privacy very seriously. Please read our privacy policy. Our email account is obviously password protected and our email provider is extremely secure within the industry. If you would like to increase your security then you may choose to encrypt and password protect your document and we can telephone you to receive the password to decrypt it on our side.


If you submit a story through our anonymous story sharing facility online then it should be very difficult for anyone to trace that back to you, including us! Obviously you need to maintain your own device’s security.


Please think carefully about protecting your own privacy, especially if you have any reason to suspect that you are at a high risk of having your privacy violated. You are at a higher risk if you are famous or in the public eye, or have a controversial or emotive story to tell. We want 101mothers to be a positive experience for everyone concerned and we would never want anyone to be harmed as a consequence of sharing a story.


How do 101mothers deal with internet trolls and meanies?

On our own website, all comments need to be approved by us before they get posted online, we will not intentionally publish harmful or bullying comments. Some websites encourage “debate” but we view ourselves as a positive and supportive environment for our mothers and guests and as such we prioritise kindness over comment! Obviously, we cannot control the comments and tweets that are posted on other websites (if posts are shared by readers) but we will report any examples of trolling to the appropriate website regulators.


Is there anything else to consider before submitting a post to 101mothers?

If you’re a member of a regulated profession, (e.g. a teacher, lawyer, social worker, doctor, or psychologist) anything you write publicly can reflect upon you professionally. So it is important that, to the best of your ability, your submissions are accurate and ethical and abide by your professional guidelines.



We hope this is all nice and clear. If you have any other questions please do get in touch. The important take home messages are that we are thrilled to receive contributions and promote good causes, please think carefully about the information that you share before putting it in the public domain, we will do everything within our ability to make your experience of 101mothers as positive as possible.

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