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Happy New Year Mothers!
1 Jan, 2016. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Helen Penny

Happy New Year you wonderful people.

Of course your perspective on the new year will be coloured dramatically by your life experiences in 2015 and by the promises of 2016. For some the new year will be a welcome change and closing the door on a tough year will come as a relief. For others maybe the thought of a year untouched by a departed loved one might fill you with dread.

For many mothers 2016 will bring loads of firsts, first pregnancies and labours, first cuddles and smiles with your babies, first foods, steps, and tantrums, first day at school, first sweethearts and heartbreaks…

Whatever your feelings, one thing is true, time keeps ticking along and brings you with it. The best we can do is to take joy in the good things, relish in the happy times, and stop to mindfully appreciate the love in your life.

So hopefully this year will be the best so far for you and your family. Filled with love and laughter and some sleep if you need it!

We wish you oodles of fun and luck in 2016!


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